Year History
1959 Born in Brooklyn, New York City on June 14th.
He was influenced by his pops was pianist at Episcopal Church and Jazz pianisit Wynton Kelly is his cousin.
1964 Almost none of the right ears is known having scarlet fever.
1967 Started to play the recorder.
1969 Moved to Jamaica in Queens, New York.
Went to High School of Music and Art, Laguardia School of Performing Arts at present, to study music and a clarinet in earnest.
1970 Fall into R&B to hear Jackson5 and began to be interested in a stringed instrument, particularly a bass
1973 Mastered a piano, the saxophone other than a clarinet, a bass.
1974 Got Fender Jazz bass for the first time these days by his mom.
Performed the first gig as a professional, the group name was "Harem River Drive." with Omar Hakim on drums and Ronnie Miller on gutar.
1975 He became a house band member of "Saturday Night Live" on televison program and met David Sanborn there.
Omar Hakim introduced Marcus to Welldon Irvine.
1976 First recording debut on "Egypt" as an interlude of Leny White's album "Big City"and also played Don Cherry's album called "Hear and Now".
1977 Joined Weldon Irvine's off-Broadway called "Young, Gifted, And Broke" and met Poogie Bell there.
Started to work regularly in New York City, eventually playing bass and writing music for Lenny White and Lonnie Liston Smith mainly.
1978 Decided to spend a life as a musician, dropped out Queen's college.
Composed and played the bass on "Sunset Burgundy" of Bobbi Humphrey's "Freestyle" produced" by Ralph Maconald.
1979 As decided to spend a life as a musician, dropped out Queen's collge.
Played many albums as a studio musician, especially on GPR records Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen manage.
At the first time, Marcus experienced overseas recording for "Victim Of Love" by Elton John in Munch, Germany.
1980 Came to Japan first for a member of GRP all-stars on March and again for a member of Kazumi Watanabe's "To Chi Ka" tour.
When Luther and Marcus together were tour members for Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson, they hit off right away there.
1981 As Bill Evans recommend Marcus, he became to Miles comeback band member to make "The Man With The Horn" and went long tour.
His bridge was changed from standard Fender one to a Bad-ass one, and also istalled Bartolini on-board pre-amp by Roger Sadowsky's modification to be albe to control sound in the studio.
He came to Japan for the The Brecker Brothers and Miles Davis
Performed at Montreux Jazz Festival for David Sanborn, Mike Mainieri, Neil Larsen, Buzzy Feiten, and Al Jarreau an Randy Craword.
1982 Continued to Miles tour until the end of this year and left for his next music life step.
1983 First solo album "Suddenly" released from Warner Brothers.
Started to work as a producer and released "Backstreet" by David Sanborn, "Busy Body" by Luther Vandross, and "Dreams Of Tomorrow" by Lonnie Liston Smith.
1984 Came to Japan as a member of David Sanborn.
Released second solo album called "Marcus Miller"
1985 Started to play the Jamaican Kats, Lenny White and Bernard Wright together, therefore this is the clue of unit for the Jamaica Boys.
Joined "Live Aid" for Bryan Ferry at Wembley studium in London, United Kingdom.
1986 Made Miles "Tutu" album referring to George Duke's "Backyard Ritual" by Miles and Tommy LiPuma.
1987 Released debut album of The Jamaica Boys. The Member is Marcus, Lenny, and Mark Stevens is Chaka Khan's younger brother.
EU's "Da Butt" composed by Marcus and Mark Stevens went to No.1 at peak position at Billboard Hot Black chart.
1988 Though with no releasing Japan album, the Jamacia Boys came to Japan.
In Tokyo, David Sanborn and Hiram Bullock participated on the stage unexpectedly and Miles was in the live house. Miles, David, and Hiram were in Tokyo for "Live Under The Sky 1988".
Joined the house band with David Sanborn, Hiram, Omar, Philippe Saisse at NBC televison program "Night Music" and he worked as a musical director, too
1989 Started to make music scores "House Party" in film areas for March 1990 released with Lenny White.
1990 Released "J-Boys" with Dinky Bingham on lead vocal instead of Mark Stevens and had 2nd tour in Japan.
1991 Got winner by "Power Of Love" with Luther on Best R&B song at 34th Grammy Awards.
Performed "Live Under The Sky 1991" first in Japan as "Marcus Miller Project" featuring Joe Sample and Lalah Hathaway.
1992 And again performed "Live Under The Sky 1992" as "Marcus Miller Project" featuring David Sanborn
Moved from New York to Los Angeles considering his family and music activities.
1993 Released "The Sun Don't Lie". It has been nine years since last solo album released.
1994 Engaged genuinely in solo artist having gigs with Kenny Garrett, Patches Stewart, Dean Brown, Poogie Bell, and so on.
Changed from reed by wood to by plastic for bass clarinet by Benny Maupin's advice.
1995 Released his 4th album called "Tales" and had Japan tour as a solo artist for the first time.
1996 Recorded all gigs in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya ,and Osaka to release coming "Live And More" album. Lalah joined at Osakan gig only.
1997 Marcus started to help Geman Dr. Edi Weitz is big fan to open Marcus' website.
Legends featuring Eric Clapton, David Sanborn, Joe Sample, and Steve Gadd, had European Jazz Festivals tour.
1998 Broadcasted on ABC's television program called "After New Years Eve With David Sanorn". Marcus worked as musical director and played bassist.
1999 Again broadcasted "After New Years Eve With David Sanborn.
At Blue Note Tokyo gig, Eric Clapton was there.
2000 Made his own studio called "Hannnial Studio".
Joined Bass Day 2000 at the Manhattan Ceter, New York.
2001 Visited Japan for "M2" promotion and released on March 23rd.
In June, due to he left his Jazz Bass at the studio, he couldn't use it at first day stage at Osaka...
2002 During Japan Tour in February, "M2" got a winner at Best Contemporay Jazz Performance of the 44th Grammy Awards.
Released Official Bootleg Album called "The Ozell Tapes" and also recorded Knitting Factory gig at Holloywood for next DVD release.
2003 7 Days Jazz and Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival in Japan with great artsits such as Lalah, Take 6 , Kenny, Patches, Dean, Omar, and so on in August.
Luther's "Dance With My Father" went to No.1 position at Billboard Hot 200 album.
2004 Played the bass on "A House Is Not A Home" with Alicia Keys' vocal for tribute to Luther at the stage of 46th Grammy Awards in Staple Centre, Los Angeles.
2005 Came to Japan for promotion of "Silver Rain" and released. And then started tour from Japan first all over the world from February and ended in December in Japan.
As a member of Herbie's Headhunters 05, he played in USA and Tokyo Jazz.
2006 Released two best albums. The one is called "The Power - Essencial" in France featuring "Ooh" and the other is "Another Side Of Me" in Japan featuring "Black".
2007 Started tours of Indonesia, Korea, and Japan in March and finished in Japan in December.
Marcus hosted at North Sea Jazz Cruise on July 5th thru 17th.
2008 Stanley Clarke, Marcus, and Victor Wooten called SMV released "Thunder" album and had tour all over the world including Japan.
Played with Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Roy Hargrove and Raul Midon recorded at Monaco Opera House on November 29th.
2009 "Tutu Revisited" tour was held featuring Christian Scott on trumpet, Alex Han on saxophone, Federico Gonzalez Pena on keys, and Ronald Bruner, Jr. on drums.
2010 Kazumi Wanatabe's "To Chi Ka" reunion with Mike, Warren, and Omar the first time in thirty year and his solo and his solo with NHK orchestra featuring Roberta Flack were performed at Tokyo Jazz. 
2011 Marcus had great two special tours. One is "Tribute to Miles" featuring Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter with Sean Jones and Sean Rickman in Europe and the other is DMS came by George Duke, Marcus Miller, and David Sanborn in USA and Japan with Federico and Louis.
He also presented "A Concert for Japanese Tsunami Relief" at Highline Ballrooms, NY featuring Raul Midon, Robert Glasper, Angelique Kidjo, Wallace Roney, Q-Tip, Vince Wilburn...on May 15th. Thank you, Marcus!
2012 Continuing 2011, Jazz Cruise acted from January 15th to 22nd hosted by David and Marcus.
From this year UNESCO officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day, Marcus joined every year.
Unfortunatley, tour bus crashed in Switzerland, the driver was killed, but Marcus, band members and tour staff with safe condition, though Rebekah and Louis injured in November.
2013 Marcus was designated a UNESCO Artist for Peace at Headquarters in Paris in July as the official spokesperson for the UNESCO Slave Route Project.
2014 International Jazz Day was held in Osaka, after Paris, France 2012 and Istanbule, Turkey 2013.
2015 Current latest album "Afrodeezia" released during Japan tour in Februay.
2016 Came to join "Blue Note Jazz Festival in Japan" at Yokohama and he played unexpectedly to Earth, Wind, & Fire stage, too.
2017 Before the Smooth Jazz Cruise around Florida, Jamaica, Bahamas...., Marcus has Japan tour.
2018 Marcus wife, Brenda, came to Japan with Marcus. Nice to see you again !!! They met in the airplane at the age of 22.

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