Goh Hotoda

with Mr. Hotoda

Mr. Hotoda is one of the most famous mix engineers worldwide.
He was born in Tokyo in 1960 and moved to USA with his family
around the age of 10. He started to work at Chicago and did
for Ramsey Lewis' "Change Encounter" album in 1982 at first.
And then he worked for Madonna's "Erotica", Depeche Mode's "Violator",
Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" and so on,
and also Best R & B Vocal Performance, Female, at Grammy album
"The Woman I Am" by Chaka Khan in 1992.
Some songs mixed by Goh on this Chaka's albums were
produced by Marcus and knew each other.
And finally Goh did mix "Scoop" on Marcus' "The Sun Don't Lie" in 1993.
And then Goh is working for some Marcus' solo albums.
In 1999, Marcus and Goh worked for David Sanborn's
Best Contemporary Jazz Performance at Grammy Winner album
called "inside".
In 2001 Goh married famous Japanese singer Nokko (ex. REBECCA)
and established "GO and NOKKO" and worked with
famous Japanese aritsits, especially,
Hikaru Utada, Miki Imai, and Tomoyasu Hotei.....
On Nokko's album, Marcus is playing the bass and bass clarinet
on some songs.
Goh mixed on title tune of SMV "Thunder" album in 2007, too.


Nokko and Goh

TheNokko Story

with Nokko
Marcus plays the bass on "Yozora no Mukou
(Beyond The Night Sky)", and "Itoshi no Ellie (Ellie My Love)"
and bass clarinet
on "Tonight Is The Night"

"The Woman I Am"
Chaka Khan
"Everything Changes"
"I Want"
"The Woman I Am"
David Sanborn
"Corners","Daydreaming", "Trance",
"Brother Ray", "Lisa",
"When I'm With You", "Naked Moon",
"Cane", "Ain't No Sunshine",
"Miss You"
Marcus' album
"The Sund Don't Lie" "Scoop"
"Tales" "The Blues", "Tales", "Rush Over", "Strange Fruit", "Brazilian RHyme", "Infltuaion", "Come Togeter"
"Silver Rain" "Boogie On Reggae Woman", "Power Of Soul"
"Free" "Funk Joint", "Strum"

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