Jason Miles

Mr. Williams Eric and Andy Gerald 
Nagoya Blue Note June 16th, 2010
"Winelight", "Loran's Dance",
"Let It Flow", "Strawberry Moon",
"Black Frost","Sassy Stew",
"Inner City Blues", and "Mr. Magic".
Nice to meet you, Jason ! Nick
Congratulations, Jason!
Finally, "To Grover with Love /Live In Japan"
recorded at Blue Note Tokyo
released in March 2016.

Kashmirian Twist
Gale Warning
The Man Who Pushes The Buttons
Cozmopolitan -1979 mix-
The Man Who Pushes The Buttons-1979 mix-

Marcus Miller
Michael Brecker
Gerry Niewood
Ricardo Silviera
Jeff Williams
Badal Roy
Armand Halburian
Henry Castellanos
Clarice Taylor

Jason was born in Brooklyn, New York and began to study music from childhood.
He made first solo album called "Cozmopolitan" in 1979, however never released.
At that time, Tom Barney was supported to Jason as bass player, but he was too busy to do everything for Jason.
As a result of that, Tom told a young amazing kat for this recording to Jaason, and that was Marcus!
And NOW we can order and have this historical "Cozmopolitan" album from Jason's website.
Marcus played all tunes and Michael Brecker played the tenor saxophone on two tunes.
As Jason knew Marcus by Tom, his life was changed and then his musical journey with Marcus started doing synthesizer programming from 1986 for 10 years. During these periods, Jason worked for great artists were Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson...and released his solo albums called "World Tour" in 1994, and "Mr. X" in 1995
featuring many cool kats, Marcus, Michael Brecker, Dean Brown, Lenny White, Herbie Mann, Bob Berg, and so on.
In 2000, he also released two project albums called
"Celebrating the music of Weather Report" and "A Love Affair - The Music of Ivan Lins".
"She Walks This Earth" by Sting was a winner at Best Male Pop Vocal Performance of 43rd Grammy Awards
and nominated "Chasing Shadows" from "Maximum Grooves"
for Best Pop Instrumental Performance at 47th Grammy.
In February 2006, Jason released new album called "What's Going On?" - The Songs Of Marvin Gaye.
Also releasing two cool albums for celebrating the music of Grover Washington, Jr. in 2001 and 2008.
And finally, Jason came to Japan to play Grover's cool tunes at Tokyo and Nagoya in June 2010
featuring Nick Moroch on Guitar, Gerald Veasley on bass, Andy Snitzer on sax,
Eric Darius on another sax, and Buddy Willams on drums.
As a special guest Ralph MacDonald, passed away later, played the percussion at Tokyo only.
In 2008, as Jason made new project called "Global Noize" with DJ Logic, they released first album
and "A Prayer For The Planet" in 2001, also "Sly Reimagined" in 2013.
Recently he is recording with Ingrid Jensen to release coming April, that is what we are looking forward.

Global Noize

Jason's Solo and Project Albums with Marcus
World Tour
Marcus on "The Heat" with saxophone by Gerry Niewood was recording member of Cozmopolitan.
Mr. X
Lead Vocal by Janis Siegel on "Beneath The Moon and Sky" with guitar by Ricardo Silviera was also recording member of Cozmopolitan.
Celebrating the Music of Weather Report
John Scofield on guitar, Dennis Chambers on drums, and Cyro Baptista on percussion on "Cucumber Slumber".
A Love Affair
The Music of Ivan Lins
Lead Vocal by Sting on "She Walks This Earth",
by Brenda Russell on "Nocturne",
and by Ian Lins on"Somos Todos Iquais Nesta Noite"
What's Going On?
Songs Of Marvin Gaye

  Marcus is on "What's Going On?"
"Heavy Love Affair".
 2 Grover With Love
Including "Summer Nights" composed by Marcus
from "Strawberry Moon" Album.
Marcus doesn't play here.

Albums with Marcus and Jason

Tutu / Miles Davis / 1986
Give Me The Reason / Luther Vandross / 1986
Destiney / Chaka Khan / 1986
The Jamaica Boys / The Jamaica Boys / 1987
A Change Of Heart / David Sanborn / 1987
Siesta / Miles Davis and Marcus Miller / 1987
Collaboration / George Benson and Earl Klugh / 1987
If / Hollywood Beyond / 1987
Suspense / Anthony & The Camp / 1988
Any Love / Luther Vandross / 1988
Close-Up / David Sanborn / 1988
Oasis / Roberta Flack / 1988
Twice The Love / George Bensons / 1988
School Daze / Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / 1988
Livin' Large / EU / 1989
Amandla / Miles Davis / 1989
The Best Of Love / Luther Vandross / 1989
J Boys / The Jamaica Boys / 1990
Ashes To Ashes / Joe Sample / 1990
Arachnophobia / Various Artists / 1990
Healing The Wounds / The Crusaders / 1991
Power Of Love / Luther Vandross / 1991
So Intense / Lisa Fisher / 1991
What You See Is What You Sweat / Aretha Franklin / 1991
Upfront / David Sanbron / 1992
Just An Illusion / Najee / 1992
The Woman I Am / Chaka Khan / 1992
The Sun Don't Lie / Marcus Miller / 1993
Never Let Me Go / Luther Vandross / 1993
Hearsay / David Sanborn / 1994
Tenderness / Al Jarreau / 1994
Tales / Marcus Miller / 1995
This Is Christmas / Luther Vandross / 1995
Eye Contact / Jay Beckenstein / 2000
Luther Vandross / Luther Vandross / 2001

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