Lalah Hathaway

Blue Note Tokyo, December 23, 2015
Eulaulah and Lalah, On stage, and
Eric (seven and half years since we saw
last time)
and lovely his daughter Eri !!
Lalah by my son
in 2002
Japan Tour
in 2016
April 2018

Congratulations on nominees at 61th Grammy !!!

Congratulations on Winners at 59th Grammy !!!

Category 18 - Best Traditional R&B Performance
"Angel" from "Lalah Hathaway Live"
Category 21 - Best R&B Album
"Lalah Hathaway Live"

Grammy Winner in the past !
53th - Best Gospel Song
"It’s What I Do"
Kirk Whalum and Lalah Hathaway
from "Gospel According to Jazz - Chapter 3"

56th - Best R&B Performance
Snarky Puppy with Lalah Hathaway
from "Family Dinner - Volume 1"

57th - Best Traditional R&B Performance
"Jesus Children"
Robert Glasper Experiment feauturing Lalah Hathaway & Malolm-Jaamal Warner
from "Black Radio, Volume 2"

58th - Best Traditional R&B Performance
"Little Ghetto Boy" from "Lalah Hthaway Live"

As you know Lalah's father is a great soul music artist Donny Hathaway!
In 1990 Lalah released 1st solo album called "Lalah Hathaway" from Virgin Records, that is so beautiful.
And at the following year, Marcus took Lalah to Japan for "Live Under The Sky 1991", and she sang "Something", "Heaven",
"Someday We'll All Be Free", "Burning Up The Carnival"..., and "Round Midnight" Marcus recorded for coming "The Sun Don't Lie" album.
As in 1994, Lalah releaesd "A Moment", you can enjoy some songs composed by Lalah.
In 1996, she came to Japan as a special guest for Marcus Miller Band with no information, at Osaka only.
I recorded Lalah is singing "Summertime" on the radio station in Osaka with Marcus and late-Hiram....
During she came to Japan with Marcus in 2002, he won the Grammy by "M2".
You can enjoy Lalah's vocal from two Marcus' Live album, "Live And More" and "The Ozell Tapes".
Have you listened to "The Song Lives On" album released in 1999 collaborating late-Joe Sample? If no, you should do!!!
On July 14th 2002, straight after arriving Skipole ariport from Kansai aiport for business trip, I popped in North Sea Jazz Festival
to see Marcus' show at Den Haag, luckly I could see Lalah again (see below photo).
She was a special guest without informaion just like Osaka gig in 1996.
In February 2003, Lalah had Blue Note gigs in Japan as a soloist first time, she sang "Baby Don't Cry", "Something",
"One Day I'll Fly Away", "When Your Life Was Low", "For All We Know", "Fever", "Summertime", "People Make The World Go Round", "Let Me Love You" and so on including new songs from "Outrun The Sky" released September 2004.
She came with Marcus again for 7 days Jazz and Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival in August 2003 with Take 6 and Kenny Garrett.
In 2005, again, we enjoyed Lalah's great vocal at Marcus' "Silver Rain" and DVD called "Master Of All Trade".
Also she came back to Japan in 2006 and 2008 for her solo gigs, on "Self Portrait" Marcus is playing the Fretless bass
on "Learning To Swim".
Recently we can catch Lalah at Grammy Winners, with Kirk Whalum, Snarky Puppy, and Reobert Glasper Experiment !!!
In 2013, came to Japan as a featuring guest for Robert Glasper Experiment.
In 2014, joined International Jazz Day at Osaka at the end of April.
Also she is singing late-Geroge Duke's "Sweet Baby" on Al Jarreau's "My Old Friend - Celebrating George Duke" album, I love that..
And also we are very happy in 2015, because we can enjoy her vocal on "Preacher's Kid" and scat vocal on "We Were There"
from Marcus' latest album called "Afrodeezia".
And in October, finally released Live album called "Live" recorded at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA.
Do you know this place?? Yes, that's right, it is where Donny recorded "Live" album in 1971.
And she nominated as "Best Traditional R&B Performance" of 58th Grammy
by "Little Ghetto Boy" Donny sung composed by Earl Derouen and Edward Howard from "Live"album.
Also she came to Tokyo to have six Christmas evening gigs at Blue Note from 23rd thru 25th December
and sung "Baby Don't Cry","Little Ghetto Boy", "Angel", "When Your Life Was Low", "Forever, For Always, For Love",
"Something", "Lean On Me", "The Christmas Song", "This Christmas", and so on, that was so fantastic !!!
In 2016, she came again not only Tokyo, but Osaka and Nagoya having two Grammy nominees,
but I am very sorry that I could not join the gigs...
Thank you always, Lalah and Eulaulah !
And both of nominees became Winners on February 12th, 2017 !
She said "Amazing... God Bless you, Al Jarreau......"
In April 2018, Lalah came back to Japan again straight after "Honestly", with Tiffany Gouche work, released.

1st album
2nd album
3rd album
4th album
Self Portrait Let Go 5th album
with Joe
with Al
Sweet Baby

Osaka Blue Note
February 21st, 2002
Den Haag, Holland
July 14th,
Osaka Blue Note
February 10th - with Vivian
and 12th,2003
Mt. Fuji
August 24th,
Osaka Blue Note
January 2006
with Eulaulah and Lalah
and Eric@ Billboard Live Osaka 2008
Robert Glasper
@ Billboard Live
Tokyo 2013

The Sun Don't Lie
Marcus Miller
12) Round Midnight Marcus Miller(b,bc), Lalah Hathaway(vo),
Tony Williams(ds), Joe Sample(p),
Philippe Saisse(keys), Everette Harp(ts),
Tom Browne(tp)
Marcus Miller
10) Brazilian Rhyme
12) Infatuation
       - based on Japan CD -
Marcus Miller(b,keys,programming),
Lalah Hathaway(vo), Bernard Wright(keys),
Patches Stewart(tp), Kenny Garrett(sax),
Poogie Bell(ds)
World Christmas
Various Artists
12) God Rest Ye Merry Christmas Marcus Miller(b,keys), Lalah Hathaway(vo),
Joshua Redman(ts), Poogie Bell(ds),
Paulinho Da Costa(per)
Live And More
Marcus Miller
4) Funny
6) Summer Time
8) People Make The World Go Round
Marcus Miller(b,bcl,ss,vo),
Lalah Hathaway(vo), Hiram Bullock(g),
Bernard Wright(key), Kenny Garrett(as),
Patches Stewart (tp,flg), Poogie Bell(ds),
Dave Delhomme(key)
David Sanborn
6) When I'm With You Marcus Miller (b,keys,vo),
Lalah Hathaway(vo), David Sanborn(as),
Eric Benet(vo), Gene Lake(ds)
The Ladies Man
Music From Motion Picture
1) All This Time
19)All This Time
Marcus Miller(b,keys), Lalah Hathaway(vo)
Beautiful World
Take 6
8) Someday We'll All Be Free Marcus Miller(keys, g, perc.prog.),
Lalah Hathaway(vo), Take6(vo),
Khaliq Grover (per and ds prog.)
Cookie: The Anthropological Tape
Meshell Ndegeocello
13) Jabril Marcus Miller(b,bc), Lalah Hathaway(vo),
Meshell Ndegeocello(vo), Gene Lake(ds)
The Official Bootleg
The Ozell Tapes
Marcus Miller / 2002
Disc 2
2) Amazing Grace
3) Nikki's Groove
4) When The Life Was Low
6) People Make The World Go Round
7) Killing Me Softly
Marcus Miller(b,bc,ss,vo),
Lalah Hathaway (vo, keys), Poogie Bell(ds),
Dean Brown (g), Roger Byam(sax),
Bruce Flowers (keys), Patches Stewart(tp),
Leroy "Scooter" Taylor (keys)
Groove Warrior
Dean Brown
4) Forever
14) Forever-Remix
Marcus Miller(b), Lalah Hathaway(vo),
Dean Brown(vo, g), Poogie Bell(ds),
Bernard Wright (keys)
Silver Rain
Marcus Miller
2) Bruce Lee
3) La Villette
15) It'll Come Back To You
Marcus Miller(b,bc), Lalah Hathaway(vo),
Gerald Albright(sax), Patches Stewart(tp),
Bernard Wright(keys), Kenn Hicks(tenor),
Dean Brown(g), Poogie Bell(ds)
"Master Of All Trades"
Marcus Miller - 2005
Recorded at Knitting Factory
Los Angeles, USA
October 14, 2002.
Disc 1
5) Boomerang
7) When Your Life Was Low
8) People Make The World Go Round
9) Amazing Grace
11) Killing Me Softly
12) Miles Medley
Disc 2
13) Nikki's Groove
Marcus Miller(b,bc,ss,vo),
Lalah Hathaway (vo, keys), Poogie Bell(ds),
Dean Brown (g), Roger Byam(sax),
Bruce Flowers(keys), Patches Stewart(tp),
Raphael Saddiq(vo)
Power - The Essential
Marcus Miller
13) Ooh Marcus Miller (b,bc,keys,org),
Lalah Hathaway (vo), Gregoire Maret (har)
A Timeless Cristmas
Israel and New Breed
10) Nocturnal Mist
11) Silent Nocturne
Marcus Miller (bc), Lalah Hathaway (vo)
Gerald Albright (sax), Will Kennedy (ds)
Jimmy Haslip (b)
Marcus Miller
1) Blast
3) Free
7) Lost Without U
9) Ooh

14) Lost Without U (spoken word)
Marcus Miller (b, bc, keys, sitar, prog., keys),
Lalah Hathaway (vo), Keith Anderson (ts),
Andrea Braido (g), Julian Miller (per. Prog.)
Bobby Sparks (keys), Poogie bell (ds),
Patches Stewart (tp, fl), Gregoire Maret (har)
Bernard Wright (syn), Corinne Bailey Rae (vo),
David Sanborn (as), Paul Jackson, Jr. (g),
Songs And Stories
George Benson
4) A Telephone Call Away Marcus Miller (b, horn prog.),
Lalah Hathaway (vo), George Benson (g, vo),
Gerald Albright (s), Jubu (g),
Bobby Sparks (or), Greg Phillinganes (keys),
John Robinson (ds), Paulinho Da Costa (per),
Patti Austin (b.vo)
Marcus Miller
3) Preacher's Kid
4) We Were There
Marcus Miller (b, bc, p, horn arr.),
Lalah Hathaway (vo., scat vo)
Louis Cato (ds), Alex Han (as),
Brett Williams (keys), Lee Hogans (tp),
Adam Agati (g), Cory Henry (org),
Robert Glasper (rhodes),Maro Lobo (per)

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