Live Albums

Live In Japan
Dave Grusin / 1980

1) Modaji
2) Trade Winds
3) Shamballa
4) Friends And Strangers
6) Uh,Oh!
8) Captain Caribe

Osaka Festival Hall,
Osaka, Japan
March 16th, 1980
Don Grusin(keys), Dave Valentine(fl), Tom Browne(tp),Bobby Broom(g), Buddy Williams(ds), Roger Squitero(perc), Sadao Watanabe(as)
Live And More
Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson / 1980
Disc 1
1)a. Only Heaven Can Wait(For Love)
@b. You Are My Heaven
2 )Make The World Stand Still
4) Good Don't Like Ugly
5) If Only For One Night
Disc 2
1) Killing Me Softly With His Song
2) More Than Everything
3) Feel Like Makin' Love
5) Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
The Holiday Star theater,
Buddy Williams(ds), Ed Walsh(keys), Barry Miles(keys), Georg Wadenius(g), Luther Vandross(back vo), Errol "Crusher" Bennet(perc)
We Want Miles
Miles Davis / 1981

Disc 1
1) Jean Pierre
2) Back Seat Betty
3) Fast Track
4) Jean Pierre
Disc 2
1) My Man's Gone Now
2) Kix

Kix, Boston, USA
June 27th, 1981
Avery Fisher Hall, NY, USA
July 5th, 1981
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
October 4th, 1981
Miles Davis(tp), Bill Evans(ts,as), Mike Stern(g), Mino Cinelu(perc.), Al Foster(ds)
Miles! Miles! Miles!
Miles Davis / 1981

Disc 1
1) Back Seat Betty
2) Ursula
3) My Man's Gone Now
4) Aida
Disc 2
1) Fat Time
2) Jean Pierre

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
October 4th, 1981
Miles Davis(tp), Bill Evans(ts,as), Mike Stern(g), Mino Cinelu(perc.), Al Foster(ds)
Apple Juice
Tom Scott / 1981

1) Apple Juice
2) Gonna Do It Right
3) We Belong Together
4) So White And So Funky
5) Gettin' Up
6) In My Dreams
7) Instant Relief

The Bottom Line, NY, USA
January 15th-17th, 1981
Richard Tee(keys), Eric Gale(g), Hugh McCracken(g), Steve Gadd(ds), Ralph MacDonald(perc), Dr.John(vo)
Cashino Lights
Various Artist / 1982

1) Your Precious Love
2) Who's Right, Who's Wrong
3) Sure Enough
6) Theme From "Love Is Not Enough
7) Hideaway
8) Cashino Lights
11) E Minor Song
12) Sara's Touch

Montreux, Switzerland
July 14th-15th, 1981
Montreux Jazz Festival
25th Anniversary
Various Artist / 1982
Released year 1991
David Sanbron(sax), Al Jarreau(vo), Randy Crawford(vo),Robben Ford(g), Mike Mainieri (vib), Ricky Lawson(ds),Lenny Castro(perc), Michael Brecker(sax), Neil Larsen (keys),Larry Carlton(g) 3) Lotus Blossom
5) The Visitor
9) Flying Colors
Straight To The Heart
David Sanborn / 1984

1) Hideaway
2) Stright To The Heart
3) Run For Cover
4) Smile
5) Lisa
6) Love And Happiness
7) Lotus Blossom
8) One Hundred Ways

S.I.R.Studio, NY, USA
Hiram Bullock(g), Don Grolnick(keys), Buddy Williams(ds), Hamish Stewart (vo), Ralph MacDonald(perc)
Al Jarreau / 1994

1) Mas Que Nada
2) Try A Little Tenderness
3) Your Song
4) My Favorite Things
5) She's Leaving Home
6) Summertime
7) We Got By
8) Save Your Love For Me
9) You Don't See Me
10) Wait For The Magic
11) Dinosaur
12) Go Away Little Girl

S.I.R.Film Stage, LA, USA
13th-20th, May 1993
except 4)
The Hit Factory, NY, USA
December 21st, 1993
Steve Gadd(ds), Joe Sample(p), Neil Larsen(keys), Eric Gale(g), Phillippe Saisse(keys), Paulinho Da Costa(perc), Michael 'Patches' Stewart(tp), David Sanborn(sax), Kenny Garrett(sax), Paul Jackson,Jr.(g), Michael Brecker(sax), Jason Miles(synth), Kathleen Battle(vo)
Dreyfus Night In Paris
Marcus Miller, Michel Petrucciani,
Bireli Lagrene, Lenny White,
Kenny Garrett / 1994
Released Year / 2003
1) Tutu
2) The King Is Gone
3) Looking Up
Palais des Sports, Paris
October 7th, 1994
Michel Petrucciani (p), Bireli Lagrene (g), Lenny White (ds), Kenny Garrett (sax)
Live And More
Marcus Miller / 1987

1) Intro
2) Panther
3) Tutu
4) Funny
5) Strange Fruit
6) Summertime
7) Maputo
8) People Make The World Go Round

Montreux, Switzerland
Catalina Bar & Grill,
Los Angeles, USA
Bluenote Tokyo, Japan
Osaka Bluenote, Japan
Fukuoka Bluenote, Japan
June thru October, 1996
Poogie Bell(ds), Dean Brown(g), Hiram Bullock (g), Dave Delhomme(keys), Kenny Garrett (sax), Lalah Hathaway (vo), Michael "Patches" Stewart (tp), Bernard Wright (keys)
The Best Of Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller / 1998
13) Run For Cover Osaka Bluenote, Japan
June, 1996
Poogie Bell(ds), Hiram Bullock (g), Dave Delhomme(keys), Kenny Garrett (sax), Michael "Patches" Stewart (tp), Bernard Wright (keys)
Live In America
Victor Wooten / 2001
Disc 2
1) Miller Time
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
May 30th 2001.
JD Blair (ds), Joseph Wooten(keys)
The Official Bootleg
The Ozell Tapes
Marcus Miller / 2002
Disc 1
1) Intro
2) Power
3) So What
4) Lonnie's Lament
5) Cousin John
6) Scoop
7) I Loves You Porgy
8) Panther
Disc 2
1) Burning Down The House
2) Amazing Grace
3) Nikki's Groove
4) When The Life Was Low
5) 3 Deuces
6) People Make The World Go Round
7) Killing Me Softly
8) Hannibal - Amandla - Tutu
from European Tour
between April and
August 2002
recorded exclusively
on the Sharp Model 702
Mini-Disc Recorder
Poogie Bell (ds), Dean Brown (g), Roger Byam(sax), Bruce Flowers (keys), Lalah Hathaway (vo), Michael "Patches" Stewart (tp), Leroy "Scooter" Taylor (keys)

A Night In Monte-Carlo
with L'Orchestre Philharmonique
de Monte-Carlo
Marcus Miller / 2010

1) Blast
2) So What
3) State Of Mind
4) I LOves You Porgy
5) Amandla
6) I'm Glad There Is You
7) O Mio Babbino Caro - Mas Que Nada
8) Your Amazing Grace
9) Strange Fruit
from The Monte-Carlo
Jazz Festival
November 29, 2008

Roy Hargrove (tp), Raul Midon (vo. g), Alex Han (as), DJ Logic (tt), Federico Gonzalez Pena (p, keys, per), Poogie Bell (ds), Herbie Hancock (p)

   Tutu Revisited
Marcus Miller / 2011
Disc 1
1) Tomaas
2) Backyard Ritual
3) Splatch
4) Portia
5) Jean-Pierre
6) Aida
7) In A Sentimental Mood
Disc 2
1) Hannibal
2) Don't Lose Your Mind
3) Tutu
4) Full Nelson - Perfect Way
5) Human Nature-So What
Lyon Auditorium,
Lyon, France

December 22, 2009
Christian Scott(tp), Alex Han (as), Federico Gonzalez Pena (keys),
Ronald Bruner, Jr.(ds)

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