Marcus in Miles Davis' Comeback Band Tour
As you know very well, Marcus was a member of Miles' comeback band.
Here is a tour history and bootleg of those lives.
To make this page, I was helped by Mr. Jan Lohmann and Mr. George Cole.
Thanks, Jan and George !
Of course, I got an approval from Marcus saying "That's fine, Harry. I'll be interested in seeing that".
Miles - trumpet, Marcus - bass, MIke Stern - guitar, Bill Evans - saxophone, Al Foster - drums, Mino Cinelu - percussion and John Scoflield - guitar late 1982

H =Harry has it.

Date Place Bootleg Title H memo
Jan - Mar ? 1981 "The Man With The Horn" recordings - "Fat Time", "Back Seat Betty", "Aida", and "Ursula" recorded CBS studio in NY.
"Back Seat Betty" recordings at CBS Studio NY. Comeback Sessions Vol.2 H Two versions of that.
June 26, 1981 Kix, Boston, USA "My Man's Gone Now", "Fast Track",
and "Kix" on "We Want Miles" on June 27.
June 27, 1981 Kix, Boston, USA Welcome To The Kix
June 28, 1981 Kix, Boston, USA
June 29, 1981 Kix, Boston, USA
July 5, 1981 Avery Fisher Hall, New York, USA The Man Is Back With The Horn "Back Seat Betty" on "We Want Miles"
July 17, 1981 Savoy, New York First Night At Savoy H
July 18, 1981 Savoy, New York At Savoy '81 H
July 28, 1981 Warner Theatre, Washington, USA At Warner Theatre
August 14, 1981 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, USA
August 16, 1981 Masonic Auditorium, Detroito, USA
September 4, 1981 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, USA Red Rocks
September 19, 1981 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, USA
September 25, 1981 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, USA Man Has Return H also releaed by Gambit in EU, as "Live at the Holloywood Bowl 1981"
September 26, 1981 Concord Pavilion, Concord, USA
October 2, 1981 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan "Jean Pierre" on "We Want Miles" on October 4.
TV on air from October 4.
October 3, 1981 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Second Night In West Park H
October 4, 1981 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Miles Miles Miles - Official CD H
Ocotober 6, 1981 Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan Miles At Sunplaza 1981 H
October 9, 1981 Public Hall, Nagoya, Japan Give Me Z
October 10, 1981 Ohgi-machi, Osaka, Japan
October 11, 1981 Sun Palace, Fukuoka, Japan At Fukuoka Sunpalace 1981 H also released by Hi Hat, as "Sun Palace, Fukuoka, Japan October '81"
November 4, 1981 Bradford Hotel, Boston, USA
November 17, 1981  Florida, USA      
December 13, 1981 O'Keefe Center, Toronto, Canada
December 31, 1981 Beacon theatre, New York, USA New Year's Eve 1981
April 1, 1982 Bradford Hotel, Boston, USA
April 2, 1982 Bradford Hotel, Boston, USA
April 3, 1982 University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
April 13, 1982 Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sweden Betty Goes To Stockholm
April 14, 1982 Jazzhus Montmarte, Copenhagen, Denmark Miles At Montmatre H TV on air
April 16, 1982 Kongreshalle, Hamburg, Germany
April 17, 1982 Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany In Frankfurt 1982 TV on air ???
April 20, 1982 Hammersmith-Odeon, London, England Moonlight Shadow H TV on air
April 21, 1982 Hammersmith-Odeon, London, England Live At Hammersmith Odeon Vol.1
April 22, 1982 Hammersmith-Odeon, London, England Live At Hammersmith Odeon Vol.2
April 25, 1982 Teatro Tenda Pianeta, Rome, Italy Roman Holiday TV on air
April 26, 1982 Teatro Tenda Pianeta, Rome, Italy Spring H
April 28, 1982 Congress Centrum, Den Haag, Holland In Hague 1982 H
May 2, 1982 Theatre du Chatelet, Paris, France Marcus playing bass line on tenor sax at "Jean Pierrre" because of PA-system problems on May 3.
May 3, 1982 Theatre du Chatelet, Paris, France Parisien Night H
May 8, 1982 Palais es Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium Seat Down Betty
May 10, 1982 Chapiteau Place Bouilleres, Toulouse, France
May 30, 1982 Kennedy Center, Washington, USA
July 4, 1982 New Jersey Giants Stadium, East Rutherfrod, USA East Rutherford H
July 11, 1982 Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada Montreal 1982 ???
July 12, 1982 Boston Commons, Boston, USA
July 17, 1982 Hudson River Pier No.84, New York, USA At Pier, New York H
July 28, 1982 Queen Elizabeth Thetre, Vancouver, Canada
July 31, 1982 Center Arena, Seattle, USA
August 1, 1982 Zellerbach Audistorium, University of California, Berkeley, USA Berkley 1982 ???
August 2, 1982 Greek Theatre, University of California, Berkley, USA
August 3, 1982 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, USA
August 11, 1982 "Star People" recordings - "Star On Cicely" recorded at Columbia B Studio, NY.
August 28, 1982 Jones Beach Theatre, Long Island,
New York, USA
Some Like It Hot "Come Get It" on Black Album and "Star People"
September 1, 1982 "Star People" recordings - "Star People" and "U 'n' I" recorded at Columbia B Studio, NY.
September 5, 1982 Grand Park, Chicago, USA
October 23, 1982 Capitol Park, New Jersey, USA
Ocotober 29, 1982 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, USA
November 4, 1982 Front Row Theatre, Cleveland, USA
November 6, 1982 Stanley Theatre, Pittsburg, USA Pittsburg 1982 ???
November 17, 1982 Woosley Hall, Yale University, New Haven, USA His First Stand
December 30, 1982 Ripleys Music Hall, Philadelphia, USA Philly Groove H
December 31, 1982 Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York, USA Forum, NY 12/31/82 H
January 5, 1983 "Star People" recordings "It Gets Better" recorded at Record Plant Studio, NY. and appeared on "Black Album"
October 18, 1989 "Night Music" session "Tutu", "Mr. Pastorius", and "Hannibal" appeared on "Black Album"

We Want
The Man With
The Horn
Starpeople Tutu Amandla Siesta The Sun don't
C.K. Black Album Miles Ahead
And I had great hospitality
at Catalina Bar, LA in June 2014
by Mr. Vince Wilburn, Jr.
to enjoy Marcus' gig.
And saw him again in Osaka
on April 10th 2017,
as Vince played as leader of
Miles Electric Band !!!
Thank you, Nef !
Congratulations, Miles and Vince!
"Miles Ahead"Original Soundtrack album
is winner at
"Best Compilation soundtrack for
Visual Media"on 59th Grammy Awards.
"Back Seat Betty (excerpt) is
included on this album.
Marcus and Vince with Vince 2014 with Vince 2017

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