Poogie Bell

   Yes, Poogie is here, too.
Recorded on
November 29, 2008
released in March 2010 !
A Night In Monte-Carlo / Marcus Miller

March 2007
December 2007
"Young Gifted and Broke"
Weldon Irvine 1977
"Poogie on Shuffle"

"Get On The Kit"

Hi There
Dark & Happy
Oh No!
Pay Attention!
Knickerbocker Bling
Funky Helmet
D's Crib
The Natural
Our Bedtime Story

Poogie Bell - drums,
computer vocals, percussion
Marcus Miller - bass, keys
Dean Brown - guitar
Wah Wah Watson - guitar
Bobby Sparks - keys
Keith Anderson - saxophone
Bernard Wright - keys
Kevin Barefoot - bass
Howie Alexander - keys
Juan Vasquez - guitars
Jeron Lammont - turntables
Ian Gordon - trumpet
Tony Campbell - saxophone
Reggie Watkins - trombone

at Roppongi Hills
Levis' Event
August 2006
February 2002
July 2004
November 2004
February 2005
Marcus, me, and Kenji Hino with Poogie
Tokyo Jazz, August 2005
with Doug

Poogie is the most reliable drummer since Marcus started as a solo artist.
We remember that Poogie came to Japan in 1991 for Marcus Miller Project in "Live Under The Sky".
And then he is visiting Japan countless times for the Marcus' band ,some Japanese aritists' tour.
He came to Japan with Marcus in 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, and 2004,
insted of Poogie, Gene Lake in 1997 and Omar Hakim in 2003
because Poogie's schedules weren' t meet Marcus tour's one, I think.
Poogie is raised at both of Pittsburg and Jamaica, New York.
Especially, in Jamaica time, he knew many great kats like Weldon Irvine,
Lenny White, Omar Hakim, Tom Browne.....
You can enjoy his drums on "The Sisters" and "Weldon & The Kats" albums
by Weldon Irvine around 1980.
He worked with many artists like kenny Kirkland, Victor Bailey, David Sanborn,
Chaka Khan, Force M.D's, Erykah Badu....
In 2004, the Poogie's band released first album called "Thinking Outside The Box",
that is so funky and cool beats
Also he worked for Lalah's album called "Outrun The Sky" with Tim Carmon and Dave Delhomme.
In 2005, he came to Japan for the Marcus' band in February thru March, August at Tokyo Jazz,
and December, too.
In 2006, he is doing his band and Marcus band tour.....and....
He came back to Japan again with Marcus for Levis' event on August 31st
and Tokyo Jazz 2006 on September 3rd.
And then released 2nd album called "Get On The Kit" and again came to Japan
in March and December of 2007.
In 2009, we can buy his 3rd album "Poogie on shuffle" from CDBaby!
In 2012, previously unreleased album called The Music from "Young, Gifted and Broke"
by Weldon Irvine was out in Japan, that was reorded in 1977
by Marcus, Poogie, Bobby Broom...
and we can enjoy that Poogie is on this musical at Billie Holiday Theatre.

Albums with Marcus and Poogie

Young Gifted And Broke / Weldon Irvine / 1977
The Sisters / Weldon Irvine / 1979
Weldon & The Kats / Weldon Irvine / 1980
Clean Sweep / Booby Broom / 1981
The Woman I Am / Chaka Khan / 1992
Just An Illusion / Najee / 1992
Cache / Kirk Whalum / 1993
The Sun Don't Lie / Marcus Miller / 1993
Tales / Marcus Miller / 1995
World Christmas / Various Artists / 1996
Live And More / Marcus Miller / 1997
The Best Of Marcus Miller / Marcus Miller / 1998
An American Love Srory / Various Artists / 1999
M2 / Marcus Miller / 2001
The Ozell Tapes / Marcus Miller / 2002
Blow / Patches Stewart / 2003
Groove Warrior / Dean Brown / 2004
Master Of All Trades / Marcus Miller / 2005
Silver Rain / Marcus Miller / 2005
Free / Marcus Miller / 2007
Thunder / S.M.V. / 2008
A Night In Monte-Carlo / Marcus Miller / 2010

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