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Thank you for sending this beautiful drawing, Heike!
Illustrator by Heike Stephan


2018 January 8th (updated) "Diary 2014-2018"
(updated) "Favorite Albums" - "Spirit" by Alex Han
(updated) "Bootleg"
(changed) "Diary 2014-2017" to "2014-2018"


2017 November 29th (updated) "Grammy"
23rd (updated) "Lalah Hathaway"
(updated) "Bootleg"
Ocotber 5th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Music Score"
(updated) "Discography"
September 16th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
2nd (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
July 26th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
June 22nd (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
(updated) "Composer"
13th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
1st (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
May 28th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
14th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
5th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
3rd (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
April 11th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Miles Davis" - photo of VInce
1st (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(updated) "Discography"
February 19th (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
14th (updated) "Grammy"
(updated) "Miles Davis"
(updated) "Lalah Hathaway"
(updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
11th (reopend) "Live Report -Osaka 1997-"
(updated) "Live Report -To Chi Ka at Tokyo Jazz 2010-"
(updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
5th (updated) "Live Report -Osaka 2017-"
(updated) "Gallery"
(updated) "Miles Davis"
January 1st (updated) "Diary 2014-2017"
(changed) "Diary 2014-2016" to "2014-2017"


2016 December 17th (updated) "Grammy"
(updated) "Lalah Hathaway"
(updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
3rd (updated) "Discography"
(updated) "Live Report" -Osaka, 1995-
(restarted) "Biography"
(updated) "Japan Tour"
(updated) "Diary 2014-2016"

November 12th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
October 10th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
(updated) "Live Report -Tokyo 2016-"
(updated) "Band Members"
(updated) "Gallery"
August 15th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
14th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
(updated) "Bootleg and More"
12th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
July 9th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
(updated) "Japan Tour"
June 4th (updated) "Discography"
(updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
May 14th (updated) "Discography"
(updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
April 30th (restarted) "Poogie Bell"
(restarted) "DVD"
29th (updated) "Discography"
(updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
25th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
24th (added) Heike's beautiful drawing at "What's New" page.
17th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
March 21st (Started) "Goh Hotoda"
17th (updated) "Jason Miles"
8th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
February 28th (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
17th (updated) "Lalah Hathaway"
(updated) "Grammy"
 January 31st (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
1st (updated) "Diary 2014-2016"
(updated) "Lalah Hathaway"
(changed) "Diary 2014-2015" to "Diary 2014-2016"


2015 December 18th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
(updated) "Bootleg and More"
8th (updated) "Grammy"
November 7th (Restarted) "Lalah Hathaway"
(added) "Band Members"
October 18th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
(updated) "Discography"
September 6th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
(updated) "Mocean Worker"
(Restarted) "Grammy"
August 23rd (Restarted) "Music Score"
11th (new) "Legends"
July 26th (updated) "Bootleg And More"
(updated) "Gallery"
(added) "Live Report" DMS, Tokyo in 2011
20th (added) "Live Report" Catalina Bar in 2014
(added) "Live Report" Osaka in 2013
6th (added) "Live Report" Sapporo in 2005
5th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
June 28th (updated) "Bootleg And More"
May 3rd (Restarted) "Miles Davis"
(Restarted) "Kenny Garrett"
1st (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
April 30th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
(updated) "Discography"

(added) Access counter started from 30,000, that was number approximately on old site.
19th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
(updated) "Composer"
(updated) "Discography"
(updated) "Collector's Items"
(Restarted) "Live Report"
 March 15th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
8th (updated) "Diary 2014-2015"
7th (Restarted) "What's New"
(Restarted) "Solo Album"

(Restarted) "Bootleg" -- I have approval by Marcus in 2002.
(updated) "Patches Stewart"
(updated) "Mocean Worker"
(updated) "Collector's Items"
-NEWS- Made my webiste address latest at Link page of Marcus Miller
official website,
marcusmiller.com. Thanks, Bibi and webmaster.
January 26th (Restarted) "Jason Miles"
24th (Restarted) "Diary 2014-2015"
(Restarted) "Patches Stewart"

(Restarted) "Mocean Worker"
11th (Restarted) "Discography"
4th (Restarted) "Japan Tour"


2014 December 21st (Restarted) "Gallery" 
20th (Restarted) "Favorite Albums"
(Restarted) "Live Albums"
(Restarted) "Composer"
(Restarted) "We Love Macrus" website by welovemarcus.com

Special Thanks to
Marcus and Brenda, Bibi, Rebekah, Dennis, Byron, Maynard, Patches and Malgorzata, Lalah and Eullalah,
Poogie and Toyo, Kenny and Sayydah, Adam and Colette, Vince, Ingrid, Dean, Taka, Michele, Lucy, Kirk, Jason,
Alex, Brett, Lee, Adam, Louis, Mark Anthony,
and Edi and
for letting me enjoy my life with family !

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